Roundup Pro Vantage Concentrate Weedkiller 480 - 5L

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Roundup Pro Vantage Concentrate Weedkiller 480 5L

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Advancing the standard-setting Roundup Pro Biactive Vantage that has been the product of choice for professionals across the UK for many years, Roundup Pro Biactive 480 Vantage contains 33% more glyphosate thus each can will treat a significantly greater area reduce storage, handling and waste disposal demands to ensure support of the economy drivers of the modern world. 

This, coupled with the back-up support of the Technical Helpline ensures a product that you can have confidence in. Unique Adjuvant Technology for Unrivalled Performance Roundup ProBiactive480 is a complete product – no additional wetters or surfactants are needed to deliver performance – it incorporates a unique surfactant system to maximize weather windows by improving retention, uptake and translocation. Used according to the label, more glyphosate reaches the weeds root system ensuring superior and long term weed control particularly in more difficult and less predictable weather conditions (cold, dry, wet etc.). 

The unique 'Transorb' technology of Roundup ProBiactive480 is not found in any other amenity glyphosate based product. As a high load formulation, with Roundup ProBiactive 480 packaging waste can be reduced and storage areas used efficiently. Higher Load, Greater Economy With the improved formulation containing 480g/l of glyphosate, each can is capable of treating an area up to 33% greater than previously with no loss of performance. Fewer Cans, Easier Storage Roundup ProBiactive450 saves space as well as money, as fewer cans need to be ordered, stored, handled and disposed of when implementing a weed control programme. Supreme Versatility Roundup ProBiactive450 is approved for weed control in a very wide variety of applications, including amenity, industrial, forestry and aquatic areas. 

•Paths, roads, drains - The herbicide may be used in and around drainage channels. It does not creep or move in the soil to affect untreated areas such as grass verges. Roundup ProBiactive450 will not affect plants, trees or shrubs through their roots and can be used right up to trees or hedge bottoms, provided that care is taken to avoid spray drifting onto the leaves or soft stems of plants. There is no penetration of mature bark 

•Before planting or sowing - Roundup Pro Vantage 480 can be safely used to remove unwanted vegetation before planting shrubs, ornamentals, vegetables or other species, or seeding grass. The herbicidal effect is lost on contact with the soil, so there is no residual activity to affect subsequent plantings. Planting of all species may take place 7 days after application, and grass seed can be sown 15 days after application 

•Around young trees - Maintaining a weed free area at the base of young trees removes competition and allows water and nutrients to be fully utilised. Roundup ProBiactive450 is the ideal herbicide as it offers excellent broad-spectrum weed control and no harmful residues remain in the soil to check tree growth. The preferred time to control weeds is pre-planting, as difficult weeds are more easily controlled when spraying is not restricted by the presence of young trees 

•Woodland Management - The use of Roundup ProBiactive450 can aid scrub clearance and prevent re-growth that soon occurs after cutting back by mechanical means only. It may also be used for stump treatment, killing the root system to avoid re-growth or coppicing of trees after felling 

•Aquatic weeds - Environmental safety is a key consideration when treating weeds in and around water. Roundup Vantage 480 is especially suitable for these areas, giving effective weed control whilst breaking down in soil or sediment into harmless natural substances. It is non-residual and does not harm animals, birds, fish, insects or other wildlife 

•Difficult weeds - Some weeds are reputed to be difficult to control because they have extensive root systems such as Japanese Knotweed and Bracken or very waxy leaves like Rhododendron. The unique surfactant system of Roundup Vantage 480 enhances leaf penetration and translocation, ensuring effective performance against almost every weed. Correct application at the recommended dose provides control of Bracken, Common Nettle, Common Ragwort, Dandelion, Giant Hogweed, Ground Elder, Himalayan Balsam, Horsetail, Japanese Knotweed and Rhododendron 

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