Levington Top Soil - 35L

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Over the last 50 years gardeners have trusted Levington® with their gardens and that is why they are The Professional Growers' Choice.

Levington Essentials Top Soil is a specially selected and graded soil. It improves depleted poor soils and helps promote root growth.

Levington Essentials Top Soil is ideal for creating new beds and borders, replacing old soil, levelling lawns, and making compost

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Beds and Borders

Use Levington Essentials Top Soil straight from the bag to build up beds and borders. Dig in this fertile blend to enrich your tired existing soil with its high organic matter content. No lime has been added to Levington Essentials Top Soil and it is suitable for improving the soil around Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers and other ericaceous plants.

Replacing Sick Soil

Soil in greenhouses that has developed a build-up of pests and diseases or soil that has grown roses or strawberries for a number of years, may need replacing if new plants are to establish. Use Levington Essentials Top Soil to introduce a fresh, fertile soil in which plants can thrive.

Levelling Lawns

Use Levington Essentials Top Soil to produce a clean, level surface before sowing grass seed or laying turf or for filling in hollows in established lawns.

Making Compost

Due to its high organic matter content, this top quality soil is ideal for mixing with base dressings to make a loam-based compost.

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