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Wolf Tools - Wolf Garten Multi-Change

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Wolf Garten Tools - Full Range of Wolf Garden Tools in stock and available to buy online. Great savings off the RRP and next day delivery. Wolf Garten tree care without a ladder tools; Wolf Garten soil care heads; Wolf Garten rockery and patio heads; Wolf Garten lawn care heads; Wolf garden cleaning heads as well as a range of Wolf Garten handles for the range of Wolf Garten heads. To get the best out of your garden you need to understand how nature works. WOLF-Garten does. Their comprehensive range of garden tools offer everything you need to create the garden that you have always dreamed about. From cultivating a thick, lucious summer lawn, to reaping the rewards of healthy flower bed, or watching a perfectly pruned rose bloom in spring, WOLF Tools will help you get the results you want in an easy and time-saving manner. Wolf Multi-Change garden tools at the best prices around!:

About Wolf Multi-Change Garden Tools

About Wolf Multi-Change Garden Tools

Wolf-Garten LogoSave on storage space as well as money and enjoy the enhanced ergonomic comfort of interchangeable garden tool heads with the Wolf Multi-Change Tool System!

The unique Multi-Change system developed by Wolf Garten of Germany enables you to buy a range of heads and handles that clip together quickly and easily to provide you with the perfect tool for the task at hand!

Garden Goodies have in stock over 10 different sizes and styles of Wolf Multi-Change handles. Together with a vast range of Wolf Multi-Change heads in stock, Garden Goodies can supply the perfect garden tool sets for your garden! Save Money.. Save Time.. Save Effort.. Buy quality German Wolf Multichange Tools here!

Wolf Tools at Garden-Goodies HQ

Wolf Tools Rack

Wolf Tools Pruning

Wolf Lawn Care

Wolf Tools - Lawn Care A lawn should be intense green in colour. Thick and strong, resistant and healthy. It should withstand all strains, flourish in sunlight and shade, endure all kinds of weather, and not spoil any fun. To ensure that a lawn is always in top condition, it requires special care. WOLF-Garten provides everything that your lawn needs whilst also giving you pleasure. Planning, seeding, tending, mowing, scarifying, fertilising, trimming, renewal... We have the perfect, professional solutions and the corresponding products. For every surface and every need - WOLF-Garten always has top quality in mind.

Remember: Your lawn is our passion. World Championship Lawn: Germany won the 1990 Football World Championship in Italy on WOLF-Garten lawns. We are justly proud of this - especially as we renewed the grass in eight football stadiums within a period of just six weeks, including the intensive care needed to obtain a perfect condition. With World Championship competences, Europe's largest private lawn research institute is named WOLF-Garten and has all the know-how for perfect sports lawns.

Wolf Soil Care

Wolf Tools - Soil Care Plant growth makes the passage of time visible. What has just germinated will soon be in full bloom, and will eventually be picked, harvested, admired and enjoyed, giving you the rewarding feelings of success, plus healthy enjoyment. Beautiful, healthy plants are a gift, a feast for all senses. The basis for their growth and flourishing is the soil in which they are planted; there is good reason to give it all the care we are able to provide. Mother Nature can only supply plants with what she has herself. The right consistency is required to produce beautiful flowers, healthy vegetables, and make the gardener happy. The hard field labour that used to be required in order to produce a healthy crop is a thing of the past. WOLFing is today. Even in 1922, the very first WOLF implements that were shaped in accordance with machine principles, enabled working in an energy-saving, pulling manner. Still today, WOLF-Garten tools make use of this principle - but they do it better than ever. For example, the intelligent multi-star system sets standards, has an optimum tool for every type of soil and for every task, and guarantees effortless, relaxed, and highly efficient working. Because garden work should be one thing above all: Enjoyable.

Wolf Trees and Shrub Care

Wolf Tools -Trees and Shrubs Care It should be obvious that good shears provide a light, clean cut to preserve trees, hedges, bushes - and makes light work for the gardener. Precision cuts are proof of professional work, prevent unnecessary injuries to the plant, and what's more: hands that are free of blisters increase the enjoyment of garden work. WOLF-Garten manufactures cutting tools of upmost quality that lie snugly in your hand: WOLF-Garten has perfect solutions down to the last detail, for ergonomic, untiring use, with permanent sharpness and innovative, indestructible technology and matched to every hand size and every task in your garden. WOLF -Garten produce hedge trimmers, lopping shears, and hand shears which are tailor made for precise working. These are for right or left-handed persons and can suit every gardener's preferences. Bypass or anvil technology? The choise is yours. High up? No problem with telescopic handles. Thick branch? Long lever, short work. Shaped cut? A perfect trim. Sign of quality: red & yellow. WOLF-Garten: Masterful in every respect.

Garden Goodies Home > Tools >  Wolf Tools - Wolf Garten Multi-Change