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Greenhouses, Cloches & Sheds- Full range of Polycarbonate Greenhouses, Cloches & Sheds in stock and available to buy online. Great savings off the RRP and next day delivery. Garden Goodies are proud to be UK distributors of a range of quality Aluminum Greenhouses, Sheds, Polycarbonate Greenhouses, Cloches, Walk in Greenhouses and Mini Greenhouses. These polytunnels provide a protective growing environment for plants and seedlings during the cold season and protect from frost and wind burn. A range of sizes available to suit every garden



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Long Cloche


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Greenhose Construction

Thinking of buying a greenhouse? Click Here to view images of how easy it is to assemble greenhouses from Garden Goodies and the quality of materials used in their manufacture.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are the most popular form of garden building with enthusiasts looking for the best place to grow plants in a controlled environment. We've scoured the internet to find you a range of deals and price comparisons on these garden buildins and put them all in one place. All you need to do is find the greenhouse you're interested in, read the reviews and then compare prices. It's that simple. All of our pricing information comes from widely recognised suppliers of greenhouses and garden furniture so you will feel safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with reputable retailers.

Typically, most greenhouses have been built from glass and aluminum. Over the past few years many manufacturers have been moving to producing polycarbonate greenhouses. There are many advantages to this new production method over the, generally accepted, glass one.

•Due to the insulating effects, polycarbonate greenhouses are fare more efficient at maintaining the internal temperature. This provides a better environment in which your plants can grow. Another factor that accounts for the popularity of this material is the way in which it diffuses sunlight. This means you will not have to provide as much shade for your garden plants when compared to traditional glass greenhouses.

•Polycarbonate is less susceptible to breakage than glass. Numerous tests have been proved that the material is almost unbreakable. Test scenarios were carried out using rocks and wooden posts in an attempt to break the polycarbonate panels.

•Polycarbonate weighs not only weighs less than glass but it also has special UV coating that helps to protect plants growing inside the greenhouse from sunlight and extremes of heat

Garden Goodies Home > Power >  Greenhouse