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Garden Goodies Home >  Pest

STV Pest Control - Full range of Pest Control products in stock and available to buy online. Great savings off the RRP and next day delivery. Problems with garden pests? Choose from our great range of traps, repellers and killers - we stock squirrel, rat, mouse and mole traps and repellers, sonic cat repellers, electronic insects repellers, slug pellets and much more - all from trusted brands such as Bayer, Growing Success and Doff. We also stock products especially for the organic garden!

About STV Pest Control

STV Pest Free Living

About The Big Cheese

Rodents are the most common type of pest problem in Britain today. Rats and mice not only cause economic loss through damage on farms and in commercial premises, they carry disease and can be harmful to your home and family health. They are also resilient pests that will adapt and thrive in almost any environment. Official figures put the number of rats in Britain at over 80 million and rising fast. Cutbacks in local authority spending and the move to alternate weekly refuse collections have both been blamed for this surge. But whatever the causes, theres no doubt we are more likely to encounter rodent pests in our living and workspace than ever before. The Big Cheese can help. Through our website you will find both curative products, to control infestations that already exist and preventative products to deter mice or rats from moving into vulnerable areas.

About Defenders

Whether its the neighbours cats using your lawn as a toilet, or squirrels stealing from the birdfeeders, caring control of pets and wildlife is often needed in and around our gardens. Defenders has welfare-friendly products for controlling moles, squirrels, cats, deer, birds, and many other occasionally unwelcome garden visitors. STVs Natural Active range of plant-based animal repellents offers an effective and non-harmful way to deter animals from flower beds, vegetable patches and lawns. And for on-going peace of mind Britains best-selling cat deterrent, Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller, combines outstanding value-for-money and effective results.

About Times Up

Times Up protects your garden and plants with biological controls, as well as traditional ant, slug and bug killers for use in greenhouses and outdoor areas. Times Up pest control products make a success of every growing season.

About Gotcha!

Fleas and ticks are active all year round. Dont just protect your pets, protect the homes they live in too. Flea control methods include easy-to-use powders and sprays as well as innovative foggers, traps and electronic options. Effective and long last control that works.

About The Buzz

Poison-Free insect control from The Buzz is guaranteed to deliver effective protection against wasps, midges and biting flies, as well as to help prevent flies infesting your home and garden areas.

The Buzz range covers every eventuality, with indoor and outdoor barrier products such as food covers and insect screens for doors and windows, as well as a full range of traps, repellents and electronic insect killers.

Trust The Buzz to eliminate insect pests without using poison sprays or baits. Its an ideal option for safe treatment of child and pet play areas and will help create a bug-free zone in patio and garden areas this summer you and your loved ones to enjoy.

About Zero In

British made products targeting household pests such as flies and ants with proven pest control solutions including insect sprays, powders and baits. Zero In also includes an extensive range of clothes moth killers that will protect your valuable woollens from damage. The range is fragrance-free and non-staining, with treatments for long-lasting storage protection, as well as for moth-proofing. And if you ever get that itchy feeling, STV has an effective, floral-fragrance bed bug treatment under the Zero In brand for treatment of furniture and mattresses.

Garden Goodies Home >  Pest